We made free Human Generator
100,000 humans that don't exist
Super realistic whole-body images. Use them wherever you want and don't worry about legal stuff.
The worst nightmare of modeling agencies or new great opportunities?
100% worry-free
No model releases required
GDPR and CCPA compliant
No likeness rights
Are they really free?
Yep. All photos are free for non-commercial use as long as you include link attribution back to generated.photos, so that more people can find us.
Generate your own human
Diverse body types
Different ages
Various clothing
Different poses
How people use generated photos
Industries and companies that already employ generated faces.
Game development
Helping people with mental issues
Sex offender prevention
Portrait drawing references
COVID-19 victims memorial
And many more other use cases
Where can generated humans work?
We believe that they have even better career prospects than generated faces.
Game development
Machine learning
Academic research
Standees and toys
Crowd scenes