Protect your identity with generative media

Upload your photo and discover look-a-like generated photos.
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Real photo
Real photo
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Represent yourself
Represent yourself
Get generated photos that will remind you of your skin color, age, gender, hair length, etc.
Give people an idea of your appearance, while still protecting your true identity.
Completely synthetic
Completely synthetic
Use your new face anywhere without having to worry about likeness rights.
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Frequently asked questions

Can I use the Anonymizer for free?
Yes! You have permission to use the Anonymizer for free for personal usage. You do not have permission to create a stockpile of images or to use your generated image for commercial purposes. For commercial usage, purchasable licenses are available. For commercial usage, please contact us
Do you store my picture?
No, we do not save your personal data and photos. This project is meant as a useful way to showcase the utility of synthetic media. The photos are processed in the RAM and stored on your computer. We don't collect or store it for future analysis and re-learning like many AI tools do. More in our privacy policy.
What type of image should I use?
In order for the Anonymizer to work correctly you should upload a clear photo of your face looking straight forward. Cropping out the background is not needed. Avoid using images where multiple faces are visible.
Where can I use my anonymous image?
Anywhere online! Do not use your image to impersonate another person or to conduct illegal activity.